Sunday, September 27, 2009

" She Was Working Like Fo' Real" but, what is she working for?

In the article She Was Working Like Fo' Real  by Elaine Richardson, Richardson analysis how the media plays a role in the perception of Black/ African American females. Richardson believes that media feeds into such politics on gender, sexuality, and new racism.  Richardson goes on to say that the African Americans that feed such stereotypes come from improvished homes, lack formal education, lack of place of employment, have dysfunctional households and poor health conditions. These conditions derive from the times of slavery and colonialism. Hip-hop videos replicate acts of slavery. The video vixen alluding to wench or Jezbel, women who were sexually loose and manipulate. The modern day gangsta brotha equal to a brute who was good at impregnanting. Richardson interviews four African-American females and their interpretation of R & B rapper Nelly's St. Lunatics video Tip Drill. Richardson interviews 3 African American youth and they come to a concensus that the video is demeaning but, the strippers are just that strippers. Ultimately the blame is placed on the White, patriarchal sexists.
I agree that majority of degrading music is promoted by the White company executives. I feel that many of the women in the videos come from the inmprovished conditions that Richardson speaks of but, that is  no reason to do the things they do. Throughout this course we have read that Black women sometimes lack the voice to advocatee from themselves but, once they do their voice is heard. During NSO week I found out that Spelman protesteed Nelly's video also and their voice was heard because they banned him from the campus and also did not donate marrow to his sick sister. That is a fine example of  how if Black women advocate and stop feeding into the steereotypes promoted by the media their voice can be heard because besides the green thats what they are working for...a voice.

-Jacquelyn D. Patterson


  1. I was glad to here that spelman was the one who put an end to BET Uncut. That shows that our school has a voice and we can make a change so why not speak out to the young so they can make a difference

  2. I like your blog, and I agree with many of the points you made. Basically, we need to end the cycle with our youth and let them know this is not acceptable - especially in the public realm.
    -Ashley Sims

  3. I do not see how not being tested for possible bone marrow matches is a victory against sexism. There is a shortage or minorities available for matching.

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